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Wellborn, Florida
While working 25 years in the corporate world, I trained for and completed 8 marathons and 3 century bicycle rides. Unfortunately, I now am limited to walking for exercise. I also am semi-retired, living in north Florida with my hubby and dog, where I write romantic suspense novels,... Full Bio
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Comments: Easy, sensible recipes that are reasonable.  Not too health-foodie *LOL*
Comments: Cheri has really great recipes to produce the most healthy and delicious foods!  She is simply THE BEST!
Comments: Cheri should win because she is awesom!
Comments: Because she's a health nut!

Gotta love Cheri's tips, suggs and support!

Especially when there's never enough time to treat yourself healthy!

Comments: This person is so informative. She presents her ideas in a way that the average person can understand, and gives suggestions that I can implement in my life.; I feel like I am listening to a neighbor or an old friend.
Comments: What an extraordinary person Cheri is, so how could anyone not vote for her? She's straight up and creative at the same time. Witty and wonderful sums up this sweet lady!
Comments: She simply is the best!
Comments: Cheryl is always striving to put out good recipes to make us eat healthier. I always look forward to checking her blog out.
Comments: She keeps you updated.
Congratulations, Cheri!
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