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Susan Patient Expert

New York, New York
Motivational speaker, seminar leader, blogger, grief counselor, attorney and author of Getting Past Your Breakup:  How To Turn A Devastating Loss Into The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You
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Susan has not only helped many hearbroken persons in the process of healing and griefing but also inspire them to become better persons in life.

Comments: She is brilliant and has changed my life.
Comments: she's an awesome writer who draws heavily from her experience to help deal with emotional wounds from present or past. Even though most of her blogs suggest getting past the ex, it actually feels more like a self-healing journey.  no one I know or have read has this remarkable insight into the human wonder it feels as though all her words are tailor-made for me (something a lot of people comment frequently on the site).
Comments: Her honesty, courage, and wisdom have helped me change my own life in amazing ways :)

Susan's website has provided ongoing support to me at a time of great loss and anxiety - it is always accessible during the working day when communicating verbally with a trusted friend is not.

 I found this web site and the articles provided support when the friends ceased their interest during this time of great grief.


Comments: I think its the best website around for us suffering loss and helps to cover all aspects of getting some clarity back shes brilliant.
Comments: Because she has changed, for the better, the lives of thousands of people around the world, through her self-less and no-nonsense dedication to their recovery from painful pasts.

Susan's GPYP program is without a doubt the work that I needed to do to grieve and get past a very painful relationship ending.  She herself has been through pain and her advice is sound and speaks to many at all different levels of recovery and healing.  I recommend her site to everyone that has pain in their current relationships and/or those recovering from previous relationship pain.  It is the best and I visit the site daily and particpate a lot.  Susan encourages us to support eachother and I believe to give back is so very helpful.  I echo what countless others will say - Her site is a Godsend.

Comments: Susan's innovative grief recovery programme has made a massive difference to me! It's straightforward, no-nonsense, and allows for no shirking or wallowing in misery. Three months after a devastating breakup I'm mentally healthier than I've ever been in my life . . . simply amazing.
Comments: she is very smart and helpful.  She saved me with her blog!
Comments: Susan works tirelessly to give advice, support, and inspire those who have suffered through a loss (of a loved one, breakup, divorce, separation). Her blog was my main source of comfort and wisdom after I went through the most painful breakup of my life

She has helped me more in the last nine months via her blog than years of work with a therapist! She has taken her personal experiences and related them so that the reader can make personal application of the process she used to Get Past Her Past and move on to living a happy life, AND has done so for FREE!


Tess Russell

Comments: Susan gives practical advice for dealing with relationships with yourself and others.  I have taken Susan's advice, and watched my life bloom over the last year.  She deserves this award for all the help she's given her blog community.
Congratulations, Susan!
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