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Daytona Beach, Florida
As an informed dental patient, featured blogger, and consumer advocate, my mission is to educate and help you save your teeth or accept and laugh through the fear, discomfort, and surprises of tooth loss with humor and hope. Got Teeth? A Survivor's Guide: How to keep your teeth or live... Full Bio
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47 People Voted for Saundra G. for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: Thanks to Saundra I had a connection and Healthcare alternative I would never have chosen! This was an amazing find for me and I am ever so grateful to have found her writings.   

If you want to learn more than you ever thought you could about healthy teeth and how to have lots to smile about, you need to see what SaundraGoodman has to say. And.... be sure to ge her Got Teeth book. Very informative and well worth adding to your personal library.

Kathleen Gage

Comments: Saundra shares useful information about the health of your teeth and gums and their intimate connection to the health of your body.  She knows her stuff!
Comments: Its great blog. I enjoyed reading all the posts.
Comments: This blog was very informative and easy to read.
Comments: The best dental health blog I've ever seen.

Saundra has a gift for bringing information to the reader in a fun and engaging way, yet maintains the educational aspects in her blog posts.  She features posts that are relative to everyday life.  She also spotlights books related to health and dental topics.  Saundra gets my vote for a great overall Blogger!


Comments: I found this blog to be very informative and helpful. The story that appeared on Nov. 13th about the bad tooth filling and the heart murmur really made me aware of how vital healthy teeth are to our overall health.

It is plump full of great and useful information!

Comments: Terrific posts on dental care. Thanks for sharing!
Comments: Saundra has helped me to improve my dental health with her timely and informative discussions on her blog. Even my dental hygienist is impressed with the difference in the past few checkups!

I vote for Saundra because anyone who has gone through dental problems and has done their research recognizes that there are better ways for people to prevent dental health problems or to cope with them when they have occurred. Saundra knows and understands this and chooses to help others become more aware! 

Fortunately, or unfortunately, we live in an age where the patient is a consumer and MUST educate himself about dental and health care or face less than ideal consequences and situations.  

 David Snape - blog 

Comments: Saundra's depth of knowledge and sometimes amusing ability to put her point across continue to increase my awareness of my body's critical needs.
Comments: Passion and practicality - hard combo to resist

This is the all time greatest place for both layman...patients or potential patients and professionals to gather information that will lead to better experiences for both sides.  Everyone has the need for dental treatments and those treatments and experiences can be greatly enhanced if everyone is aware of the needs on both sides.

Saundra's information and insights can save a great deal of frustration, apprehension and misconception as one goes forward in treatment.

Bravo for the girl who tells it as it is with both hor and humanity in tact!

Congratulations, Saundra G.!
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