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Silver Spring, Maryland
Vanessa Maltin received a bachelor's degree in journalism from the George Washington... Full Bio
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124 People Voted for Vanessa M. for the PHBA 2008!

Comments: Vanessa is very dedicated to her cause and I vote for her because she is a very capable young woman and always gets the job done !!!!
Comments: Vanessa brings a rare and engaging combination to her blog: outstanding knowledge and enormous enthusiasm for both conveying information and for sensitizing more people to health issues.
Comments: love the recipes and information!
Comments: She is smart, a great cook, and a very nice person.
Comments: my wife is gluten-free and we read vanessa's blog all the time.
Comments: Vanessa is the best health blogger that I know. Her Web site is an amazing resource for anyone that has celiac or knows anyone with celiac. She keeps her readers up to date with the most relevant information on celiac and all the recipes she posts are delicious. Vanessa won't post just anything though, she always sources her information and readers can always be rest assured that anything on the blog is credible information. Vanessa makes it easy for anyone with celiac to live and eat comfortably. I give this blog an A+++++!!
Comments: Vanessa is amazing ! a gluten free diet can be very restrictive and hard to comply with; Vanessa makes it so easy to stick to a GF diet by offering wonderful recipes, full of flavor, and easy to make.Not only her recipes are great and tasty, but they help people with celiac disease keep their disease under control ! Great job Vanessa! 
Comments: Website is great for those with celiace disease.  Lots of helpful info!
Comments: Congratulations.
Congratulations, Vanessa M.!
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