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I am a very ambitious person. I have a die hard passion for doing epilepsy awareness work. I have lived with epilepsy almost all my life. Went through lots of hard knocks, rejections and bitterness. Whoa la...! My struggles had molded and transformed me from a weakling to a gutsy person with a... Full Bio
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187 People Voted for Serene L. for the PHBA 2008!

Comments: I vote for Serene's blog because I realised she needed many helping hands for her awareness work in order to reach out to a sea of people.
Comments: Epilepsy has existed for thousands of years and there is still no known cure for it till today.  Awareness is the next best to finding a cure.  So, everyone should vote for epilepsy awareness blogs. 

Despite being epileptic herself, she lives happily by sharing her blog with awareness information and reaching out to help those who need help. Thumbs up for her! :)

Comments: Epilepsy is a very mysterious brain disorder and it has exist for thousands of years.  I understand there is still no cure found yet for this condition. There are still a lot of myths and misconceptions regarding epilepsy and I think Serene has been working very hard as an individual with epilepsy to help eradicate public's negative perception of epilepsy through her blog.  I am very much inspired by Serene's determination in helping people with epilepsy.
Comments: She speaks from experience. She knows what others like her have to undergo and more importantly, she wants to help!  A truly compassionate person!

Because Serene knows about Epilepsy,


all she need is more exposure for Epilepsy awareness and


that will happen when she wins the award!

Comments: I think Serene should win the favourite health blogger award, because she tireless keeps her vision alive by devoting all her time and energy into bringing awareness about epilepsy and issues related to living with epilepsy. She is never afraid of sharing her true thoughts and feelings, which makes her so unique, special and appealing to her readers, because people can relate to her, as they themselves may be too afraid to share their true feelings, thoughts and experiences with others and therefore feel touched by Serenes words of encouragement and the information she provides in her blog. I wish Serene all the best of luck and happiness always and pray that God will keep her strong and her spirits high through highs and lows, so she can continue her blog to fulfil her vision of a more understanding world for people with epilepsy. (By Ghita AO)
Comments: she should win the award because she is a dedicated person in promoting epilepsy awareness in her home ground and as well as abroad. (Rosalind)

Serene writes about epilepsy awareness in our local paper and also in her blog.  Her blog is filled with positiveness that relects the life she leads.

 Happy New Year to Serene and everyone.

Comments: Thumbs Up for epilepsy awareness. 
Congratulations, Serene L.!
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People's HealthBlogger Awards 2008 - Best 100 Winner! Winner!