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Arielle B. Patient Expert

Northampton, Pennsylvania
I am a woman with a story, a voice, and a commitment. I am dedicated to helping others in the best way I know how: my writing. Writing helped me on my way to recovery and I have a sincere passion to be, at the very least, an understanding voice amid the pain of eating disorders and all that they... Full Bio
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60 People Voted for Arielle B. for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: Arielle is so wonderful and so committed to her recovery. Even those who have been in stable recovery for a long time can really get something out of what she has to say.
Comments: Arielle is hands down the best blogger around.
Comments: Arielle does an amazing job at helping others overcome their eating disorders! she´s always there to give good advice and to give a pep talk. More people  should be like her. She´s so inspiring!
Comments: She should win because she helps so many people with eating disorders. Arielle has helped me so much through her blogs and her videos. She so tottally deserves this more than anyone else.
Comments: cause she rocks xx
Comments: it simply helps in recovery from an eating disorder
Comments: What an awesome advocate for Eating Disorder Recovery. 

She is a talented,creative,strong,brave and lovely soul.

Her blog is dedicated to giving all those thoughts a voice.

 Tears to words is an awesome name and I am happy to be able to see what's going on on Arielle's blog. <3

Comments: Arielle is amazing! She provides fabulous advice and support for people recovering from eating disorders.  She's an asset to the community. :)
Comments: Arielle is absolutely spectacular.  She's an inspiration and a great person.
Comments: Arielle is one of the most supportive, friendly, and knowledgable persons I know.  I think that she offers allot of good advise and speaks from the heart.  I know she has helped countless people in her crusade to help people heal from their eating disorders. 
Comments: She is helping SO MANY people with their lives and disordered eating.  She is one of the best writers I have ever witnessed on a blog.  She is so sincere and takes the time to answer everyone's questions.
Congratulations, Arielle B.!
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