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Arielle B. Patient Expert

Northampton, Pennsylvania
I am a woman with a story, a voice, and a commitment. I am dedicated to helping others in the best way I know how: my writing. Writing helped me on my way to recovery and I have a sincere passion to be, at the very least, an understanding voice amid the pain of eating disorders and all that they... Full Bio
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60 People Voted for Arielle B. for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: Her blog inspires me to recover from my eating disorder more with every post she makes. Arielle makes such a difference through her powerful and moving words on her beautiful blog. In short, by supporting others in their recovery, she is saving lives with her blog. She DESERVES this award and millions more.
Comments: Every post is encouraging and healthy.
Comments: Because she makes a difference to people's lives
Comments: They really are helpful x
Comments: She is very smart and dedicated to the happiness and health of people.  She doesn't upload videos for financial reasons or not even for personal reasons.  She just like to halp people take over their own lives and be happy.  She is the best...not many like her.

Arielle speaks the truth through her blogs. She is honest, straight forward creative and to the point.

She definitely has MY vote! 


Comments: She should win because she's the best and we LOVE HER!!
Comments: She is dedicated, and is always there with supportive words. 
Comments: she has to win
Comments: love her
Comments: she is the beste ever
Comments: It is very informative.. She is honest and nice.. And it help people change.. I think it is the best...
Comments: Her blog always lifts my spirits when I'm feeling down. An invaluable resource for anyone in recovery.
Comments: Great blog!
Congratulations, Arielle B.!
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