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Amy D. Patient Expert

Marion, Illinois
I'm a freelance writer and photograher who's been living the low-carb lifestyle since 2001. I run... Full Bio
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9 People Voted for Amy D. for the PHBA 2008!


Amy is always looking outside of the box for ways to motivate us with Low Carb way of eating!  I love this lady.... and how she really cares about us inside and out!!



Amy is an awesome blogger, who is always keeping her readers up to date with the low carb world as well as the rest of the world of health and fitness. 



Because every creature on this planet deserves care, money should never be an issue in countries where the government cares for its voters!


Unless they think that life isn't priceless...


A few months ago, after a job change and a big pay cut, we had to make the tough decision of finding Sadie a caregiver that could afford her medical care. We could not afford the care she needed to keep her healthy and happy.


Hugs to Amy.



Comments: She's funny & right on about life as well as low carb lifestyle.  It's great to be in her company via her blog.
Comments: She is just so down-to-earth and encouraging!
Comments: She has wonderful insight into the low carb life style and the research she does on her blog is wonderful. 
Congratulations, Amy D.!
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