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Silicon Valley, California
I am the founding editor of Med Nauseam Blog, which features research supporting dietary and environmental causes of acquired illness. I also co-founded SpiroChicks Blog, a Lyme lifestyle blog. I'm a video correspondent for Natural News TV. I write for Technorati and Blog Critics. I give nutrition... Full Bio
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70 People Voted for Alix for the PHBA 2009!

Comments:   Her articles are always fair and comprehensive without the typical anti AMA bias that is pervasive in this forum--besides, she is hot pizza
Comments: Alix's blog is very well-researched and relevant!
Comments: Alix is one of the most cutting-edge, information forward blogger I have ever read. Her information is well written, has a wit and is on a mission to really help us all.
Comments: Thorough researcher!
Comments:    Not only well written and concise but despite being passionate about her position she makes great effort to be as unbiased as humanly possible, thx, Alix
Comments: Alix lives and breathes medical research, and she likes sharing it with others, that much is very apparent in her blogs.  Her approach is that of an intelligent person presented with information she'd like to learn more about.  Her passionate detailing of the data and the boardrooms makes her blog an entertaining and informative read.
Comments: She's kind, considerate and helps all kids of people out.

Alix M. is one of the most educated bloggers out there.

We are lucky to be the beneficiaries of all her research,

knowledge, and education - passed on for free, with a sense of

humor. She is brilliant, cutting edge and hilarious.


Comments: She shares her research in an honest and refreshing manner
Comments: I think Alix is not only posesses a talent for writing, making the reader want to return post after post - but she examines issues from the perspective of someone not afraid to ruffle feathers.  I am always interested in what Alix has to say on any subject.
Comments: Alix is an amazing talent and person.  She has overcome huge obstacles in her own health crises and you could might as well call her doctor from all the research she has done.  She has made very smart choices and huge sacrifices in order to unravel the complexities of her own illness odyssey.  I whole-heartedly endorse her as favorite health blogger as she has offered expert advice with incredible warmth and sincerity to those who have sought her counsel.
Comments: I find her views refreshing, well documented  and acounterbalance to the allopathic world.
Comments: Great insight. 
Comments: Most informative. Passionate. 
Comments: Because her experience and passion is real and her heart is pure  in intent.
Comments: She is so knowledgable about food and health, she deserves this award!
Congratulations, Alix!
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People's HealthBlogger Awards 2008 - Best 100 Winner! Winner!