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Dan Lukasik

I am a lawyer at partner at a law firm in Buffalo, New York and have practiced law for the past 21 years.  I also suffer from clincial depression.  Studies show that lawyers suffer from depression at twice the national rate.  Accordingly, of the 1 million lawyers in America, about... Full Bio
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Comments: This is a well-written blog, his website for lawyers is helpful and he has shown great courage in coming forward to bring this huge problem into the light of day.
Comments: Dan has a very approachable style of writng and makes the topic of depression easy to understand.

Dan Lukasik is a truly unique individual. Not only is he an extremely talented lawyer, but he has devoted his life to helping others in his profession battle depression. I respect him as a professional and an individual with a huge heart who is trying to make a change.


Once he took steps to deal with his depression, ie counseling and medication, Dan began to reach out to other attorneys with depression and to educate the public and the legal profession as a whole about the number of attorneys and judges who suffer from depression.  He has rejected the notion that the stigma of menal illness would ruin his professional career and gave iterviews to newpapers and magazines as well as presenting a proposal to the Bar Association of Erie County for a committee for Attorneys with depression.

In his blog, Dan is generous in sharing his experience and strength.  His concern for others is also reflected in his posts.



Comments: Invested alot of time and effort helping other Lawyers with this issue!
Comments:  His web site has helped me.
Comments: He writes from the heart.  It's a subject that many people, not only lawyers, can relate to.
Comments: A wonderful connection for those in need-- especially in our profession.
Comments:  I think Dan's wrk is invaluable to all lawyers. Only another litigating attorney can know the stress involved in managing cases. He offers viable strategies to cope with the highs and lows of litigation. I believe that Dan is correct when he states that one must first realize what the issues are and then find a method to deal with them. Understanding is key.

Dan has done so much for attorneys. He's worked tirelessly to convert the impression of Depression in the legal community from a taboo subject, something professionals should never acknowledge, let along confront, and he has advocated for it to be considered what it is: An illness, akin to diabetes or high blood pressure, something that everyone is at risk for, the treatment of which is nothing to be ashamed of.

As an attorney who suffers from Depression, words cannot express the relief that comes from the efforts of men like Dan. Thank you for helping me feel like I am not alone in this profession.



   The blog is written with sincerity, concern and caring for others that share  

   this illness;  the information and support provided through the blog must be

   a tremendous help to those suffering with depression.

Comments: Dan has been a most important person in the legal community of Western New York. In starting the Lawyers' Depression Group, in speaking & writing openly & honestly about his own depression, he has helped countless lawyers. His website has expanded the number of lawyers who have benefited from Dan's unending commitment.
Comments: Through his blog, Dan has brought help and hope to many professional colleagues. 
Comments: This is the best blog ever! It has helped so many people across the country. He definately deserves this award.
Congratulations, Dan Lukasik!
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