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Dan Lukasik

I am a lawyer at partner at a law firm in Buffalo, New York and have practiced law for the past 21 years.  I also suffer from clincial depression.  Studies show that lawyers suffer from depression at twice the national rate.  Accordingly, of the 1 million lawyers in America, about... Full Bio
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Comments: He's taking on a widespread disease in the legal profession. Reading his blog builds me up mentally and spiritually.
Comments: Awsome blog. I am a Criminal Justice student at Bryant&Stratton College Southtowns Campus and I have suffered with depression for the past 7 years and it has affected my journey to becoming a lawyer, till I got help. I feel your blog as not only helped me, but has also affected other students who I have shown your blog to. Your website was given to me by a very close friend, Cathie Wallace. And I'll be used through out the rest of the time I am in school. I also like your advid word choice through out the whole blog. keep up the good work. And hopefully one day I will be just as successful as you.
Comments: Thoughtful insight into the world of depression from the standpoint of a "been there, done that" perspective.
Comments: Dan brings such a personal aspect of living with depression to his blogs.  As being an inspirating attorney who also lives with depression, his blogs help me to manage my life better.  I have seen a difference since talking with him.  Awarding this special award is just one way to honor the difference he makes in other peoples lifes, and I just wish to say thanks to him for being such an inspiring, life changing writer 
Comments: Dan's inspirational because he doesn't dodge reality...Dan's an example of a guy who's willing to go into the discomfort of being vulnerable about personal struggles in order to help his community deal with what's really a community issue.
Comments: he great!
Comments: This blog helps to provide support and information for law students and lawyers with depression.  There are very few other resources for this issue.
Comments: I think Dan is extremely brave for bringing to light a romerly "taboo" topic.  I also think this is helping thousands of people.
Comments: Dan has done more for lawyers with depression in the few years that clinical psychology has done in this century and last.
Comments: Dan Lukasik's presentations have brought me out of hopelesness to a point where I now have hope and am now finding successfulness in dealing with the insidious nature of my own depression.
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