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Fitness addict.. spreading the word on fitness, and addicted to helping people get into shape!
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1. Explains the science behind food

2. When i follow thsi, i don't have to keep counting calories and i understand what works for my life and activities.

3. Advocates  fitness and not just weight loss

Comments: Provides good information about the health tips
Comments: most uptodate blog with detailed articles. i have actually implemented so many suggestions and they have really worked for me.
Comments: its informative & give advice which is relevent today
Comments: it provieds most practical solutions for health problems people are facing taking into consideration the food & food habits we have....
Comments: Because fitho works really hard to eliminate myths and educate people on the ins and outs of staying fit and healthy

The website has very useful articles which has helped me and everyone in improving health and fitness. The website has also promoted lot of awareness within the indian community on benefits of having a healthy lifestyle. 

Comments: BEcause they have awesome information on their blog. And it's very motivating.
Comments: Awesome, comprehensive site covering fitness and nutrition.  Lots of things I didn't know!
Comments: They have suggestions that are both helpful as well as practical. They are extremely applicable in the Indian context, also I really like their health tips :)

The honesty with which this blogger is putting out the information is commendable.

Also, the un-conventional ways, which i must add, work one hellava lot, are a total bonus. Its not the same old stuff you'll find on every website on the internet.

Congratulations, Fitho!
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