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231 People Voted for Fitho for the PHBA 2009!

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Comments: Fitho is by far the best source of reliable health and fitness information. I'm a big fan! I hope they win.
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Comments: I've learnt a lot from fitho, an i do take care of what I , how I plan my diet. Got some innovative ideas on how to keep myself fit in and out of the gym
Comments:  This blogger is comprehensive, down to earth, easy to follow and effective.
Comments: It shows practical way to loose weight.
Comments: fitho should definitely win the award because of its relentless efforts in providing latest updates regarding heslth and fitness. all the best to fitho!
Comments: They should win because all their information is accurate and it works wonders!
Comments: It has practical advise  and health information addressed in the simplest of words.

we need more indian sites for the health concsious people.

Comments: Fitho is the best site to get anything relating to health
Comments: Now a day firness is very important so fitho give us good diet so that we maintained our fitness.

i love fitho advice and i like to vote for fitho....


Fitho is an Excellent blogger.

It gives us information on diet & weight loss program.  The steps provided my Fitho is easy to follow & its worth spending our time reading fitho blogger.


Priya D

Comments: I vote for Fitho because it always helps me regarding physical exercices to keep myself fit and gives very valuable information on diets also.
Comments: It has very simpple and easy to follow health tips but the tips are very effective.
Congratulations, Fitho!
People's HealthBlogger Awards 2009
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