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bipolar chick

Raleigh, North Carolina
I am many things. Personally: wife, mother, daughter, friend.  Professionally: writer, speaker, web creator, blogger.  Health wise:  I am diabetic, a migraine sufferer and I AM  BIPOLAR. None of these things are enough on their own to describe me.  I am not simply one... Full Bio
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Comments: Love your stuff
Comments: So relateable. So capable of putting the intangible thoughts in my head into words. So humorus. So grateful God has given you the gift of expressing what is so often indescribable to those of us in the midst of it. Thank you
Comments: I really enjoy her informative blog on what life is like with bipolar disorder. It is honest and candid.

I believe that Bipolar Chick not only is telking like it is, she is living it..

What other way is there to know and understand...

Comments: Bipolar chick really tells it like it is!  I can relate to her blog and her poems describe those feelings that I can't quite put into words myself.
Comments: She is sincere and consistent in her mission.  She inspires others and is one of my favorite people because she is non-judgmental and easy to talk to.  Debbie is always there when you need her, her support is genuine.  She works hard to manage her life in a positive way and supports her family always.

This is one of the most honest, strongest women I've ever met.  She has her highs and lows but she's still a fantastic mother, a dedicated friend and a fighter for her causes.  I've known her for many years and watched her grow spiritually, finding her own path in life, but walking it with a man she loves and who loves her for what she is and who she is.  She has bipolar disease but she is NOT bipolar disease.  She is a woman who struggles but laughs, climbs high but cries, and above all, tells it like it is.  She's paved the way for other women to speak out without shame. She writes just like she talks and she speaks her truth.  You go, Chick!   

Congratulations, bipolar chick!
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