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Hi, I am 30 and 2 years ago I was dying of Cystic Fibrosis. I cultured a resistant bacteria called Cepacia therefore I was not a candidate for transplantation at all transplant centers in America. . . but I found one 2000 miles away from my hometown in Idaho that was willing to evaluate my case.  I arrived in Pittsburgh December 3rd 2007. I was on 6 liters of oxygen and had only 11% lung functions.  On December 5th my lungs crashed, my CO2 was 117 (normal is 44) I was... Full Bio
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Comments: I have known this lovely young lady ever since I moved to Pingree,lD.  For awhile she attended the church I did.  She used to sit in front with Bryan and make faces to make me smile.  She has a beautiful testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and when she enters the room, there is a radiance about her that you cannot deny.  Wherever she goes she brings such joy and happiness.  Jamie is lighting up the world one day at a time.  Even though both of us have moved to different places I will never forget her or the spirit she brings with her wherever she goes.  I love you, Jamiebug.
Comments: Jamie is a real hero for sharing her stories that are very personal.  She offers encouragement, support and love, no matter who you are or where you come from.  She is inspiration.

I have been friends with Jamies father for over 40 years and have known this young lady all of her life.  She is an inspriation to me.  I have seen the struggles that she has gone through.  I am amazed at the struggle that she continues to go through and the positive attitude that she emits.  Her blog is a wonderful tool for other people who are struggling with Cystic Fibrosis, and for those who dont to understand just what it is like for a person who does.  She is always more than willing to answer any questions about her condition to anyone who wants to ask her a question, and even encourages people to ask questions so that they can be more informed.

Comments: Jamie has been my lung tranplant inspiration.  Without her story to look forward to, I would have had a much more difficult time after my transplant.  Her blog is terrific!
Congratulations, jamiebug!
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