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Nancy Matthews is 35 year old wife and mother with cystic fibrosis (CF) and diabetes. She has been waging a battle with CF, a terminal genetic disorder, for many years. In January of 2007, Nancyâ??s body entered the end stages of CF. On December 10, 2008 she received the miracle of a double... Full Bio
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128 People Voted for Nancy for the PHBA 2009!


She should win because she is a great mom, wife and all round great person.


I was loving it....until I got to the part where she thanked her donor.  How heart touching was that?  What an amazing woman, with an amazing story, and totally deserving of this award at the ABSOLUTE minimum!  I wish I knew her in real life.....I could use some of her positive attitude and ability to see the light!

Comments: Nancy has shared a very moving and touching story making this Holiday Season more meaningful to all who read and share in this experience. Thank you Nancy
Comments: Nancy is my best friend and so inspirational.  She is the most amazing person I have ever met and has overcome so many obstacles in her life.  I am honored to know her and call her my friend!


Comments: It is a very touching story of life, my girlfriend is a pancreatic cancer and thyroid cancer survivor and we cherish every single day together!!
Comments: Helpful info.
Comments: Nancy is nothing short of amazing. Throughtout her ordeal, she remained upbeat, optimistic, and always wore a smile on her face. It is as if she knew that her love for her family, friends and her faith in God would get her through. She was blessed and given the miracle of a second chance at life. Through her blog, she shares her journey, her hopes and her faith with others. She is truly an inspiration to me.
Comments: Nancy is an amazing person, wife , mother and friend..... she has traveled a road that has been very hard, she came out smiling and so happy! She set her mind to make it though, and she did ... Bless her !!! She greatly deserves this award for her courage and faith!! She is an insiration to all of us!!!!
Comments: My mom deserves this award!
Comments: Having just had a double lung transplant myself, it is great to be able to connect, learn and share experiences.  Her Blog really tells a story....
Comments: Nancy is inspirational, strong, intelligent and caring. Her experiences and knowledge she freely shares on her blog.  She has wrote and published 2 books helping others with terminal illnesses. She is loved by many for her example and strength. She is my favorite blogger :)
Comments: She is an inspiration to us all!!
Congratulations, Nancy!
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