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Megan Killian

Houghton, Michigan
I am a runner and outdoor lover, looking for new adventures to tackle every day. I have recently dabbled in the sport of triathlon, and it may be my new (healthy) addiction. I now live in Saint Louis, Missouri, where I am a research scientist in orthopaedics.
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11 People Voted for Megan Killian for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: She is enthusiastic, smart, and a seems a real people person. Interesting to have her in the game!  Rich Luciano
Comments: She's knowledgeable, smart and keeps it real!
Comments: Megan's blogs really hit home. She kills it every time!!!
Comments: She's a healthy blogger!

Megan's blog is inspiring and fun to read. Her posts often make me laugh out loud. Isn't that the best medicine to stay healthy;-)?!

Comments: This girl is a dedicated Triathlete
Comments: Megan is an inspiration to everyone that knows her.  She is healthy, happy, and disciplined in her every day activities.  Megan is the BEST!!!
Comments: Knows her stuff!
Comments: Megan is great.  Very dedicated to her sport and her research. 
Congratulations, Megan Killian!
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