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I am a Filipino and a proud mommy to my three boys (and soon be delivering my fourth baby, a girl finally!). I am stay at home mom and I see to it that I am hands on with my kids. I love writing specially if it concerns health, family and kids. I maintain a parenting blog that I update... Full Bio
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16 People Voted for pehpot for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: She deserves it!
Comments: she's an inspiration! She's creative in her topics from taking care of newborn to post partum delivery, delivered them with enthusiasm drawn from her experiences and from her guest bloggers. I love her weekly "talk" show!
Comments: She's an amazing blogger who discusses health issues to its core.
Comments: Because she writes worthwhile entries.
Comments: Because I have learned a lot of health tips from her particualrly those for my caring for my daughter better.
Comments: She should win because she's a wonderful blogger and momma at the same time!
Comments: Her experience as a mother and writings inspired me a lot!!\(^0^)/
Comments: I think Pehpot should win the award because I found her blog w/ so much  potential that comes in many forms: for good, to bring peace &   love. It has also the potential to evolve diff'rent ideas in childrearing & parenting.
Comments: I think  she deserves the award because her blog tackles about healthy living.

Her blog is very informative.


She should win the award because she's a mommy blogger who knows what she's talking about re: health, parenting, children.

She writes from the heart which makes her a blogger apart from the rest.  As  Antoine de Saint-Exupery wisely stated: "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly."

Comments: Because she is the healthiest buff blogger i have ever met in my whole life.
Comments: I vote for Pehpot as my favorite health blogger because she deserves it. She writes for welfare of everyone. She writes healthy and friendly thoughts.
Comments: My friend Pehpot deserves to win the award because she's a wonder mom. I'm inviting you to visit her site to understand why I'm claiming she has super power. :)
Comments: because she's a super mom, an OC at that, and she takes health as number 1 priority in her family of soon to be 4 kids. 
Congratulations, pehpot!
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