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Linda Appleman Shapiro

White Plains, New York
Having worked in private practice as a psychotherapist/addictions counselor for more than 25 years, I treat adolescents, single parents, couples and families. Also, as a published author of a memoir (named FINALIST in the 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Award), FOUR ROOMS, UPSTAIRS: A... Full Bio
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Comments: Excellent insights.
Comments: It's encouraging to know that there are therapists around (at least one) who are also empathic and sensitive human beings and have a wonderful quality of instilling hope in people who have issues in reclaiming their identities. Her blogs are enjoyable and heart-warming.
Comments: Shapiro is insightful, sensitive, intelligent and a voice that needs to be heard!
Comments: YOU rock!  Hope you win!
Comments: I think this woman, my grandmother, is a very good writer and should win this contest!
Comments: I can’t wait for Linda Appleman Shapiro’s insightful choice of the week’s important news or intriguing current event, and the unique way she has of getting to the humanistic heart of the matter.
Comments: she is the best blogger ever

Ms. Linda is an insightful, intelligent, caring woman who could really inform people through her blog.

Comments: I think hands down that Linda Appleman Shapiro should win this award. This is my favorite blog and I can't wait to read each post. I find her blogs to be enternaining as well as offering a lot of wisdom and insight that she so freely shares.

Linda Appleman Shapiro has a great talent which certainly should be rewarded

with your award.

Comments: This is a compassionate woman with an eye not only for individual pathology but for the pathologies of society and  the way they affect the individual from the outside.  She speaks with a strong voice for interpersonal responsibility. 
Congratulations, Linda Appleman Shapiro!
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