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Kodi Wilson

Well, we are no celebrities, just a family going through life and it's ups and downs with a special needs child. Our son is diagnosed with Leigh's Disease, a terminal degenerative disorder which is categorized as a mitochondrial disorder... as it eats away at muscle tissue and brain matter. He... Full Bio
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32 People Voted for Kodi Wilson for the PHBA 2009!


She is a mother, wife, caregiver, partner, doctor, nurse and like she said no one understand what it is to have a special needs child. Kodi is a winner even if you do not select her.


Comments: Bc She is AWESOME!The strongest famiy I know by far!
Comments: I am voting for Kodi Wilson because she is, undoubtely, one of the most couragous and diligent mothers I have ever known.  She has a very precious son, Braden, who was born with many special needs.  She is ever faithul and ready to" fight the fight" needed to gain him the very best possible care available.  All the while, having a job and a home and husband, all of which need her, as well.   She is a loving, caring Christian woman, who humbles me everyday, with her spirit and determination to care for her son.
Comments: Because she always has a positive outlook when things are not always so positive. Sometimes her son is in very serious health but she keeps on inspiring others.
Comments: Kodi is an amazing devoted mother and advocate!
Comments: I simply cannot imagine there is anyone out there dealing with Kodi's impossible situation with more grace, fortitude, humor, optimism and shear perserverance. Her willingness to share her life with Braden is a gift to us all.
Comments: Kodi is a very strong person who is not afraid to say it like it is...
Comments: Kodi and Brad are great examples of unconditional love.  I have watched them grow together and as a family supporting Braden through serious health issues and yet they never question why God chose them to be the parents to this precious child.  She has provided her viewers with a wealth of knowledge and encouraged us all to be informed in our medical care.  Braden's expenses are numerous and so they have had to live on a careful budget, but again, you dont hear them complain.  What a great family!
Comments: She has managed to gather more than the average support from any new blogger. They have such a story with their babe- very touching story that you have to keep in touch since they invited you to join their lives. They show you that not every minute counts, but up to every second counts and matters the most. We love them-
Comments: Kodi and Brad have a ton of family and friends that care and love them.  People that trully care about them and Bradens health.  Without this blog I would not have any idea as to what Leigh's disease is or understand what they are going through on a daily basis.  They spend so much time making sure that we all understand and are such advocates in making sure that people understand how important it is not just to accept status quo with anything regarding health care.  They are truly dersrving of this award, because they take the time and feel that it is imprortant that there family and friends understand what they are going through. 
Comments: The Wilson's are not only parents of a child with special needs, but they are parents who informs others on topics, health issues and supporting shoulders for other parents of special needs children. They are walking billboards for their cause to be informative on a journey some of us may/maynot ever face. Their support and inspiration keeps me doing what I'm doing! 
Comments: I LOVE this blog.  It is not only the story of one child and one family's journey, it is also an example of what faith can bring to those who are faced with challenges outside of the normal life challenges.  This one family's experience has influenced my own life in so many ways.  I have been lifted up by them, and have cried with them.  I have held out hope, and have sometimes felt their disappointment.  As they face each and every step along the way, I feel that I am taking the steps with them.  The writing style is both smart and inspirational at the same time.  It is also informative... almost as if a trained medical professional, with a huge heart overflowing with love and compassion, has written it.  This is due to the parents' overwhelming love for this child and their ability to stay on top of every single item that they can as they move forward in their quest to find answers, solutions, and hopefully a cure.  Because of this blog, I feel like I am part of Braden's family, and feel myself longing for more.  Best blog I've ever had the pleasure to visit.   
Congratulations, Kodi Wilson!
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