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Los Angeles, California
A Single Mom raising a special child and trying my best to balance real life with "what ifs". My life is full and often pretty crazy dealing with a Special Needs child and all that comes along with it, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Austin was born in Nov 2007 at 36 weeks. He was... Full Bio
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Comments: I read about Austin every day!  I have a special needs child who is similar to Austin in many ways but also very different.  I like Janis' humor and unique way of looking at everyday situations while raising a special kid!
Comments: She's an amazing mom and blogger. She spreads the word about health issues her son is facing and helps others understand through her words, pictures and video.  She also shares her strength and love through her blog.
Comments: Creative is key to a perfect blog!
Comments: Janis has a humerous way of looking at medical issues and she is a great writer.
Comments: Because she tells it like it is!!!  And Austin is dang cute!
Comments: Wonderful blog!

I have never seen or heard of such a strong Mom and Baby Team, struggling through life, so as to keep a life from fading away.  Mommy keeps the baby very much alive and strong through her unconditional love and devotion to Baby Austin and to the Blog.  Others can surley gain strength, comfort and hope by reading their Blog.  Through the Stages in the Blog it brings joy to anyone who reads it, when you are able to look and see what a fine, good looking, happy little guy he has grown into. 


Comments: Because she rocks!
Comments: Janis & Austin's blog is AWESOME, FUNNY, and INFORMATIVE!  Austin has an entire slew of medical conditions...but he continues to thrive like no other child I've met on -line. 
Comments: The incredible detail makes me feel like we are together every day...  very special
Comments: Austin is surrounded by a loving family.  He has come so far, and I cannot help but feel that he will accomplish something wonderful.  I love reading about his progress. 
Comments: Janis has managed to humanize the perplexing world of children with special medical or developmental needs.  Her awesome sense of humour and honesty makes her blog a pleasure to read, and she is always sharing helpful resources and information so others can navigate these waters a little easier.


She is an awesome Mom, and reading about her son is very uplifting.

Comments: I look forward to daily updates on Austin and his amazing mother who couldn't be a stronger advocate for his needs! I'm deeply inspired by this blogger!
Comments: It welcomes people into the lives of a special needs child with many medical needs who smiles through it all. Oh, and her son has great hair!
Comments: This blog is  very informative and fun. The writer shares a great sense of humor along with the sometime very serious aspects of raising a child with special needs. The heart and warmth that jump from the pages is felt everytime you read it.
Congratulations, Sneak Peek!
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