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Sneak Peek

Los Angeles, California
A Single Mom raising a special child and trying my best to balance real life with "what ifs". My life is full and often pretty crazy dealing with a Special Needs child and all that comes along with it, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Austin was born in Nov 2007 at 36 weeks. He was... Full Bio
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Comments: Sneak Peek's composure in battling his illnesses since birth has caused a stronger and palpable family bonding.  His family is richer for this experience. 
Comments: great site
Comments: It's refreshing and pokie
Comments: Austin has been the Ultimate little Warrior when it comes to all he's had to endure in his life so far. He's my Little hero that's for sure. He loves music & dancing. whether it's Cuban , Flamenco or Classical, he just wants do dance to it. He's given me a new perspective on "life & living". So, if you feel like dancing, then by all means DANCE !!!
Comments: Austin is a tremendous inspiration!
Comments: He has handle so many ups and downs for a little guy. He has a heart of gold and a family who loves him.
Comments: Hes one sweet lil (soon to be) 2 year old! He does great learning Sign Language to be able to communicate with some of his deaf and hard of hearing uncles and aunts in the family ...
Comments: Austin should win the Blogger Award because he is one heck of a kid!!
Comments: Because he is cute as a button and extremely photogenic!
Comments: I love this website.  Despite whatever obstacles and challenges are present, the blogger always finds time to make light of the situation.  Often times we need to laugh at a difficult situation to make it through!!
Comments: Cos Austin is super cute and his mum is smart and funny and lots of fun to read.
Comments: Because he is Beautiful and has had to overcome SO many medical challenges, because he is a gift to us and a wonderful example to our society. We are all lucky to have him on this earth.

Austin is #1!!

 Love, Grandma

Congratulations, Sneak Peek!
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