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Specialty: nutritionist
Toronto, Canada
Meghan Telpner (B.A.A., C.N.P., C.N.N.P.) is a certified nutritionist and holistic lifestyle consultant with a private practice in downtown Toronto. Her client base extends across Canada, around the United States, the Caribbean, the UK and as far reaching as Mozambique and Australia. Meghan... Full Bio
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195 People Voted for Making Love In The Kitchen for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: Always a great combo of interesting/useful knowledge with a positive vibe.  Meghan helps to make healthy living accessible and easy.
Comments: I really enjoy Meghan's blog.  It is different than any other blog I read.   I enjoy her fun loving personality!  Her site is informative and I have loved all that I have learned thus far!  Keep up the great work!!
Comments: You can feel her warmth and enthusiasm with every word plus of course always great tips and recommendations for overall positive health.

Meghan is awesome, she certainly deserves this award!!!  She works really hard sharing her expertise and passion for nutrition to so many people.  she is really making a difference in Toronto.  Way to Go Meghan!! xoxo


I think Meghan Telpner should win as her blog is very inspiring with many yummy healthy recipes and other ideas to create a healthy lifestyle

Jan Petrook

Comments: I only found this blog a couple of weeks ago and I am hooked. Megan, her ideas and her recipes are very inspiring! Thanks Meghan
Comments: Meghan should win this award because in a very short time (since just discovering her) she has re-ignited my desire to go the extra mile- to the health food store- to make better food choices.  She has had similar health struggles to mine and I admire her for being so proactive.  Her intuitive,  thoroughly researched and often really funny blog is a Godsend.

She provides a multitude of information that is presented in a fun way! 

Comments: She is honest, funny, and insightful about the health problems that plague society in general. 
Comments: This blog is interesting, fun, full of great information and great for your health. Meghan Telpher shares wonderful things with us every day!
Comments: What a fantastic blog and I enjoy reading it so much.  I love the sense of humor used and all the great information that is provided each day.  It's totally "doable" for the average person and nothing so extreme that you set yourself up for failure.   
Congratulations, Making Love In The Kitchen!
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