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I am a college student who was diagnosed with vulvar vestibulitis, a subtype of vulvodynia in November 2007. Vulvodynia is a chronic pain condition affecting millions of women in our world today, yet it continues to be ignored. There is no current cure. My blog exists to spread awareness because... Full Bio
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137 People Voted for Tamra for the PHBA 2009!


Not only dedicated but actually makes difference in many people's lives.

Comments: She is really doing something special in helping to spread awareness about such an unknown condition! 
Comments: Tamra is a great person with a lot of soul.
Comments: Tamra should win because she is spreading the word about a condition that has for too long been kept in the dark. She is reaching out to those in need and lending support to everyone who shares her condition.
Comments: Tamra is honest and strong. She tells it like it is - so we can all relate to her. It gives those of us who suffer with vvs as well hope and courage to keep going, to keep fighting.
Comments: I believe that Tamra has been both passionate and incredibly involved with the subject. She has been through so much, but she still gives hope, strengh and answers questions daily about different subjects. She's a Warrior and an incredible woman!
Comments: Love your honesty, warmth and positive spirit!


I admire Tamra for trying to bring the subject of vulvar/pelvic pain to awareness. As a sufferer of something similar, I really feel the rest of the world esp medical personnel need to learn about chronic pelvic pain issues, not just how to treat it, but to find the cause of it. tTamra explains to us where her pain originated. Reading her blog has helped me learn more about hip tears and vulvar issues. I appreciate her telling her story to help others who are in pain/ She is a great writer,very positive and brave.

Thanks Tamra for telling us your story!


Comments: Because she is dedicated to informing women about their bodies.
Comments: She's amazing and smart!!!!
Comments: Tamra is an extremely passionate and dedicated person. She has truly impacted me and others and I definitely cast my vote for her.
Congratulations, Tamra!
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