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Catrina Johnson

Pike County, Kentucky
My name is Catrina, I am a stay at home mom to 3 children. My days consist of taking care of my children, but online where everyone has the ability to connect and share information I have the obligation to spread the word of a rare disorder called Hirschsprungs Disease. My son who is now 3 has... Full Bio
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Catrina and Dylan have endured more than they have needed to in dealing with Dylan's hirschsprungs disease. Catrina, you're brave and strong and an inspiration on how you are so thorough in caring for your  precious boy. You have a beautiful mother's heart and this is why Dylan chose you to be his guide and soft place to fall in his life. Well done on documenting the road you are travelling with your son, raising awareness of this unpredictable disease and showing the world what a lions hearts you and Dylan have. All our love xx

Comments: Because Cristina is helping to make people aware of Hirschsprungs and doing a fantastic job in coping with the demands that HD makes on a parent! 
Comments: this is so important to get this information out to others. THis mother has been very courageous to share her story.

This is a 'Mummy-Eye-View' on a very serious illness affecting a very couragous little man. It's informative and honest.


A good read x

Comments: ialso have a child with he same disease and its important to raise awareness for it to let people know that it DOES happen and it hapens to children.. i think Catrina is a brave woman indeed to tell people about her journey
Comments: She writes very informatively about a little known bowel disease.
Comments: This blog is about a rare intestinal disorder present at birth called Hirschsprungs Disease, it is very tricky to diagnose and treat....This blog shows the ins and outs, ups and downs to living with it....It also shows that sometimes constipation can be much more than just constipation....
Congratulations, Catrina Johnson!
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