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Debbie Ross

Wake Forest, North Carolina
I began my blog as a way to give of myself and share what I am learning in my healing journey. The road has not always been easy, but it gets better just knowing that maybe I can help someone else move faster through this process. My family and I have many food and chemical sensitivities... Full Bio
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Comments: Very informative stuff! Plus, she's a friend of mine.
Comments: She's got a great, enthusiastic, and Christ-focused blog about being gluten-free & (basically) loving it. Has yummy recipes; tells honestly how different foods/products/recipes go over with her husband and two sons, as well as herself.
Comments: Debbie has the heathiest recipes that you can find anyplace.
Comments: She is smarter than my doctor.

I love Debbie's blog because she does a wonderful job in sharing her own personal testimony of what she has been through with some very straightforward information on how to tackle difficult health issues.  Her sense of style and committment to helping others is refreshing and as she gains her personal health, she blesses others with her personal experiences.  Her blog gives all of us the extra dash of hope we need to keep pressing on in this journey of wholeness.



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and loving


This is great info for those of us living with Celiac Disease.

The blog is very well put together and informative

Comments: She's an inspiration to the gluten-free community. Debbie is a wonderful mother, wife and friend. She's a wonderful addition to the gluten-free blogger realm. Her goal is to help people and share valuable information and recipes.
Comments: I have learned so much from Debbie.  She is a wealth of information and knowledge - she seems to absorb everything she has learned in her journey and loves to help others.

Because of Debbie's honest desire to share her healing journey and for the education she gives all of us concerning celiac disease I believe she should win the HealthBlogger Award. She shares information and recipes to help people who face the same health obstacles she has and does it with a willing and caring heart.


Comments: Because she writes from her heart and her own experience. Her only agenda is to help people learn and overcome their health issues.
Comments: Debbie's blog comes with lots of valuable health information.  She is a real person living with a real disease.  You can sense her patience and love for herself, her family and God.  Reading her blog you just want to get better.
Comments: Because her blog has a lot of work, And because she's my mom.
Comments: She enjoys sharing her passion for health.
Congratulations, Debbie Ross!
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