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5 People Voted for msrenda for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: I think msrenda should win because I know it isn't easy for anyone to deal with cancer but msrenda fought thru it while still working and was an inspiration to me. She never let it get her down and fought it as bravely as anyone could.
Comments: Because she deserves it!
Comments: Sandra, Is a true friend to all and an inspiration to all that she comes in contact with...    She has a story to tell and she has made it turn on heck of  a journey through her bout of cancer...   If a survivor can tell you a story of Faith, Hope, and Love.... this story can be told by Sandra...     She is a true blessing in a world gone crazy....          Let her inspiration touch your life...  a kind heart and a word of encouragement is what you will get from her....          She is that pink candle that is lit and ready to light another.....  No candle goes dim by lighting another....  Sharing and caring is Sandra...     That is why I am voting for her
Congratulations, msrenda!
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