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Tavistock, Canada
I am a writer, a mother and a wife. I started my blog Weighless and Weightless as an anti-diet approach to optimal health and fitness with an idea that the success of an individual on a weight loss journey comes from that individual and not from the diet industry and in fact, the diet industry... Full Bio
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12 People Voted for Breeze for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: Breeze has a passion for life and it comes through in her visual writing style. 
Comments: Carolyn is a mother, sister, daughter, wife and friend and has an amazing talent in writing.  On top of all of this she finds the time to contriute to her community and her wellness.  She is an amaxing woman.
I would love to see Breeze win this award, as I've received  more from reading her blog than I have from many others who address the narrow category of issues many others ascribe to health. Health is mind, body, and spirit, and it is more than the sum of its 'parts.' Breeze addresses all these areas with poetry, experience, helpful suggestions, and the conscious determination to model for others what it means to continue personal development throughout our lives. I vote for Breeze, and I can take inspiration and solace from the fact that she clearly cares about other human beings!
Comments: She has great ideas!  I follow regularly!
Comments: She has fantastic inspiring blog entries. She reminds you to stay postive and keep on the right track.

Hi Breeze, hope you got my vote of approval. I had to sign up again. Let me know.


Comments: I vote for Breeze!
Comments: what's not to like about a blog that shapes both body and mind...
Comments: great article
Congratulations, Breeze!
People's HealthBlogger Awards 2009
People's HealthBlogger Awards 2009 - Best 100 Winner! Winner!