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Burlington, Iowa
Ava~Hope for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. I am passionate about teaching parents how to advocate for their child's health. My third daughter Ava was born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. CDH is when (inside of the womb) the diaphragm does not form properly. The abdominal organs move up... Full Bio
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Ava knows her stuff - she knows CDH every step. She has stepped up and pushed for treatments for Ava when doctors didn't think Ava needed it, then later it turned out that she did. If anybody ever needed to know anything about this subject, Terri would be like going to a website herself! She's better than an encyclopedia! And she's very detail-oriented. She's extremely friendly, so if any parent ever needed info, she would just be the perfect one to turn to!


Comments: An awesome fan of this terrific awesome family!!

Terri has been such a fantastic person to educate others on CDH. When my cousins were expecting a child with CDH, it was so helpful to our family to learn as much as we could. I think that Terri's blog does an amazing job to inform parents or parents-to-be of what they could possibly be expecting or facing.

She's been amazing at sharing the difficulties and struggles that her family, as well as beautiful Ava, have been going through. Because of Ava's steadfast determination and her phenomenal will to survive, she has made an awesome impact on her many followers - whether Ava's aware of how many of us adore her or not. It also gives hope to many families who are going through or preparing for a child who will be facing CDH.

Even though I have never met Ava or her mother, I can tell you that I still follow her blog even after my cousins' baby did not survive her battle. She still continues to fascinate me with information and gives me (as well as many others) that even an infant with such minimal odds has a chance to survive. I think her blog is an inspiration to families whose children are battling this.


This lady has researched and been on top of her childs' healthcare, since before she was born and was told her child had cdh.  I have followed Avas' journey for the past year and have been amazed at how this woman has handled her child and family with this illness.

She should be in the medical field herself as she is so knowledgable and knew when and what Ava needed.

Comments: Terri is devoted to Ava and for the CDH cause.  Very dedicated to keep updated on all she can learn about CDH and promoting the cause.  Ava is alive today because of Terri.
Comments: Ava is an amazing little girl and I love to write about her!
Congratulations, Terri!
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