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Jeff Pile

Louisville, Kentucky
I am 36 years old and live in Louisville, Kentucky.  I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in January of 2009 so I am a newbie.  I am learning how to live with this disease each and every day.  I am on Betaseron shots every other day for treatment.  I started a daily blog,... Full Bio
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Comments: Jeff's blog is very informative and sincere.
Comments: Jeff is a great person and has been dealt a tough hand w/ MS.  I really appreciate that he shares what is going on as it gives me an inside look at how it affects him daily not just physically but mentally and emotionally.  MS is a nasty disease I know others that live w/ it and have caused them to pass.  I think this blogs has allowed jeff to connect w/ others that live w/ the same diagnosis and can also share research and new advancements that may be available.
Comments: Vote for Jeff because he always has a smile on his face! I cant imagine what he goes through on a daily basis, be he never lets having MS get him down which is one of the most important qualities to have

Jeff is one of the best guys I know!  He's definitely not letting MS slow him down...a shining example for all of us!

Comments: Great updates and inspirational story,
Comments: He blogs everyday!  and always has a new fact about MS on there.

Jeff has  done  a GREAT job with his blog.  He has asked for imput from his

followers ,trying to make it user friendly. He keeps it fresh with daily quotes,

 pictures, current events, sports and breaking news on MS research.  We all

love his blog.



Comments: His blog is informative and very topical.  Very encouraging to see his daily struggle with MS and how he really has solid attitude and how he helps others.
Comments: Very informative and very personal!  Great articles also!
Congratulations, Jeff Pile!
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