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Pasay City, Philippines
I started this blog so I can do something for myself after taking care of my father for almost 4 years until he died. With many year of being inactive in the food industry, creating this blog is my way to promote myself and to reach more to other people. With my training in culinary arts and... Full Bio
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37 People Voted for Divina for the PHBA 2009!

Comments:  her food always tells a story...  the blog has a "heart" and that's what sets it apart!
Comments: I have enjoyed reading her posts and recipes which mostly are made up of nutritious ingredients.
Comments: Her entries are done with all sincerity. They are rich with information,as rich and healthy as the food she prepares and shares with her family.
Comments: Her blog is the best for healthy recipes and information on the health benefits of spices, grains, etc. 
Comments: Divina's commitment to helping others lead a healthful lifestyle is apparent in every one of her beautifully laid-out posts and photographs. Her recipes are easy-to-follow and always accompanied by a personal story that many readers can relate to. She has successfully created a website that is a welcoming home to anyone who visits and, thus, has become a trusted source and friend when it comes to healthy eating advice.
Comments: She answers all of all of our questions about nutrition with sincerity and knowledge. She's a true caregiver who has set out to help the world, one small question by one small question.
Comments: Coz she's a blogger with a heart.... !!
Comments: Divina is a very creative and passionate cook.  Her articles/recipes are very informative and definitely healthy.  She has helped many people through her blog site "Sense and Serendipity" and I am excited to know what dish she is going to make next.  Based on her background, I feel cooking is her destiny and she will most probably achieve what she is aiming for in life and her craft with the way she churns out these wonderful recipes! :)

I strongly endorse Divina for her dedication to natural health foods and medicines.  She is knowledgable in her line of field.  She had helped me and a friend with our ailments (arthritis and gout) and now I am pain free.

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Comments: She is on the  cutting edge of healthy eating and I feel that she is a good mother making sure that what we cook and eat is good and nutritional for me.
Comments: Divina makes healthy food fun - her photos and recipes are exciting and enticing!
Comments: Her blog is amazing and full of information!

Divina is very knowledgeable in health matters and she is a very helpful person. She is always ready to reach out and help those in need of further info about health, especially healthy eating and healthy food. She shares a lot of healthy recipes on her blog with health benefits well explained. She deserves this award which will enable her to help more people.

Comments: i vote for divina,of course!it's a remarcable blogger!
Comments: She's helpful
Comments: She makes fabulous, nutritious, beautiful food and is an inspiration to all healthy food bloggers!
Congratulations, Divina!
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