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Frederick L.

New York, New York
I have been practicing infertility at NYU for 17 years. Basic infertility, reproductive surgery, ovulation induction, IVF, and egg donation are all areas of my expertise. Most of my patients are from New York , but people come to see me from other states and other countries. You can read all about me at my website,
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Comments: Not only does the Infertility blog go through general and hot topics on infertility, Dr. Licciardi takes time to personally respond to reader questions. I can't say how much I've learned from the blog and how very much I appreciate the service. Whenever I have a fertility-related question (and I think all of us who cope with infertility have a lot), the blog is the first place I turn.
Comments: It provides very helpful information to people undergoing IVF cycles.

Dr. Licciardi's blog connects people with the most credible and informative advice on today's most important fertility care treatments.



His blog is very informative and a place I go to for many answers. I know a lot of girls that read his blog and it's a HUGE resource for many of us that don't have regular access to a fertility specialist.

Comments: I think it is a wonderful opportunity for people to get the opinions / advice of an expert in the field. Dr. Liciarrdi writes frankly and with a pleasant style, it is a pleasure to read.
Comments: I've been watching this blog for years. He is always kind, full of helpful information and answers questions we just can't get answered anywhere else! Infertility affects a lot more people than is realised, this blog touches a lot of lives of the quietly suffering.
Comments: Best Health (IVF) Blog 
Comments: Dr. Licciardi provides incredible, straightforward advice for patients undergoing fertility treatment. He understands patients' need for information, and how information can provide comfort.
Comments: Read very useful information relevant to my personal situation. 
Comments: His blog is very informative.  I have learned so much from reading his blog and I think he truly knows what he is talking about and it is refreshing to hear about infertility from a doctors point of view.
Comments: Dr. Licciardi has been providing accurate, scientific, compassionate information to all of his blog readers since the advent of infertilityblog. Thanks so much!
Comments: Straightforward honest answers, done with compassion and clarity.  I'm an MD myself and really appreciate the qualities one can see in Dr. Licciardi behind his writing.
Comments: The guy is a genius and obviously very knowlegable in this subject. 

Dr. Liccardi's blog should win the award.  His blog has been an invaluable resource for me, and I appreciate the prospective of an actual R.E.  He takes the time out of his obviously busy life to explain complicated infertility issues in an accessible way.  Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of information on the internet about these topics, but there are definitely a lot of gaps and a wide variety of opinion to wade though.  Dr. Liccardi spells it out, explaining the medical jargan and breaking it down so that everyone can understand.     

Comments: It is the best infertiltiy blog out there
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