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Seattle, Washington
My name is Linea. I live in Seattle, WA. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder just about five years ago and have been working to keep myself healthy and spread awareness for those that can't do so themselves. I have written a book with my mom on the subject and it will be published in 2012 by... Full Bio
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44 People Voted for Linea for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: Amazing advocate for those experiencing bipolar disorder.
Comments: awards go to courageous people and no doubt she has shown the world the right path despite all odds. The world needs more examples like her .
Comments: She's a champion of health.  She uses physical and lifestyle techniques to help control her mental health.  She's a wonderful example to everyone, even those without mental health issues.
Comments: She is thoughtful, interesting, creative, personal, sensitive and a great writer.
Comments: Linea represents the voice that so often is silent. Her articulation will hopefully begin breaking down the walls of stigma related to mental illness for young adults.
Comments: She has bravely decided to help others who experience life threatening mental illness. Her talents are deep and she has decided to harness that experience and energy to bringing public dialog and support to young adults in the throes of frightening illnesses. I commend her courage!
Comments: Linea is quite an inspiring young lady and a role model for others!
Comments: Linea is a great advocate for the cause!
Comments: Of course Linea should win this award. She is so courageous and so talented. She has shared her experiences generously with others and done so with humor, heart, and art. I vote for her in ink with capital letters!
Comments: I have been personally involved with Linea and her family through their journey of the past three years, and I am continually amazed at Linea's strength and determination, and yet through it all she has continued to be concerned for others who either share her health challenges or other challenges.  This young woman will go far in life and will continue to take care of herself and others.  She has displayed amazing candor in sharing her mental health issues, and again having to call upon her inner strength, she has spoken publically on many occasions about her personal mental health hurdles.
Comments: Linea's blogs and her honesty and insight about her journey with biplor disorder is so inspiring. She has changed perceptions about mental illness for so many people. She is also a role model for young adults to advocate for their own needs. Go, Linea!
Comments: Linea connects with youth who may be experiencing similar challenges. She also gives a new "face" to bipolar that I believe helps people see this from a very different perspective!

Great kid, great Mom, Dad & family. Struggled greatly and triumphed.



Comments: Because the issues of bipolar problems need to be heard.  This is a healthy way to learn candidly about a rough circumstance.
Comments: She should win the award because she has worked extremely hard in learning how to work with challenges.  She has overcome and is a role model for us all. 

Her inner strength.  We have all done something or been in a place when it was easier to just disappear.  Linea chose the most difficult route...facing her problems, knowing it would be an arduous task.  Being satisfied with small victories.  Aware that sometimes it takes a life time to get where you want to be.  Turning yourself inside-out, allowing everyone to see you just as you are.  It takes guts, humility, and a mountain of bravery.  She gets my vote in many, many catergories.

Comments: I am grateful for Linea's courage to share her personal story and challenges she faces living with bipolar. It helps individuals and families network and build support for healthy living for all.  Thank you for your courage!
Congratulations, Linea!
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