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Sarah Patient Expert

Sydney, Australia
I am a SAFM to my daughters Emily 9 and Violet 4. Violet was born with a few health conditions that keep me very busy!
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7 People Voted for Sarah for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: I think that Sarah's blog, Violet's Journey should win the award because Sarah has been such of an inspiration and fountain of knowledge to me & my family.  When my daughter was diagnosed with hydrocephalus two years ago, Sarah was the first person that I "met" who had a child with this condition.  She opened up to me, answered a lot of questions and helped a very scared mom feel so much better.  Though we live on different continents, I feel very blessed to have Sarah in my circle of friends and Violet's Journey as a place to turn to for information and insight.
Comments: Sarah's blog was one of the first ones I read after finding out my baby was going to be born with hydrocephalus. Her blog has given me a view to what my life as a special needs parent might look like & for that, I am thankful that she shares her Violet's story with the world:)

Sarah is the BEST blogger EVER!!  She is so informative in her every post.  She always responds to questions I have be it something in her blog or a question she may be able to help me with through her own personal experience. 



Because she is 100% pro-active in everything she does for her daughter, and takes the time to write about it so that others can understand and benefit from her experience. It must be hard going lots of the time but she has such a full heart that she even manages to encourage other people with kind words and messages. 



Comments: I voted for Sarah because she is the most amazing, strong and beautiful woman I have ever come across.
Comments: Have to vote once!~
Congratulations, Sarah!
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