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Mound, Minnesota
Hi from Minnesota. I have been living with PIDD for many years. I started treatment for CVID in 2004. I currently receive my IgG therapy by self-infusing, or using the Sub Q (subcutaneous) method. I have been feeling so much better since receiving IgG therapy. I feel like I have my life back,... Full Bio
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Comments: Thank you "ckmiletti" you are the expert with all the info I take to the docs, and over the years I've gone from the original IM's, to IVIG, and now Viva... thank you thank you Thank YOU!  Wonderful blog packed with everything PiIDD'ers need to know
Comments: I think Carol should win because she is SO positive about her health issues and dealing with them.  She is also a very positive influence on other PIDD patients, and has spent hours/days/years helping them....talking with advice and/or a strong shoulder to cry on.  She goes above and beyond what anyone would expect of her.  And she loves everyone....and if you have met her in would never, NEVER forget her wonderful, infectious smile and her fantastic personality.  AND....I love her....she is my sister !
Comments: You've got my vote Ms Miletti

Carol advocates that everyone should receive the best care and does her darndest to help you advocate for yourself.


Carol was once my boss, and she was one of the most energetic, energizing and entertaining bosses ever.  She was always positive, never bad natured and a great teacher and trainer.  Good health was a way of life for Carol.  This included exercise, eating and attitude.  She can do anything she sets her mind to.  Go Caro!!



Comments: Besides being most knowledgeable about Primary Immune Deficiencies, she can run circles around the most challenging insurance issues as well.  What a Champ she is!
Comments: Carol is a popsitive influence on anyone she meets. She is upbeat and is a role model.

She should win the award because she is sharing her experience to make a difference.

Comments: Carol Miletti deserves this award because she's saved the day for countless PID patients and their families.
Comments: Carol offers great info, resources and contact info for people with primary immune deficiency disorder.  She is always upbeat, and her energy is contagious
Comments: Carol's blog reaches out to so many people across the country, she has no idea how many peoplel she touches.  Thank you, Carol
Comments: Thanks Carol.  Good Job- You R Number One
Congratulations, ckmiletti!
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