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128 People Voted for Mike Reinold for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: A professional who contributes in the highest sense to all fields of healthcare.
Comments: Extremely informative and applicable to daily practice.
Comments: Mike is a leader in his field. His work is highly respected and insightful.
Comments: Mike has the most wonderful website and email letter.  I learn so much, there are links to many informative other sites, and it provides an excellent networking site.  Mike is an awesome therapist.  He is the best!!!!  mary dash bellingham, massachusetts.
Comments: He has made great contributions to the Orthopedic speciality of physical therapy.
Comments: He is perhaps the most informative physical therapist on the internet...end of story.
Comments: Mike Reinold has a great blog full of health information extremely useful for my practice.
Comments: Mike Reinold's blog is always relevant, fascinating, and thought-provoking, as well as useful in today's physical therapy world.
Comments: Mike's blog provides me with the most relevant information pertaining to evaluation and treatment in physical therapy.  I use information I have learned through this blog every single day.  Great resource!
Comments: Great info and new research.  Impressive and very useful evidence based information.
Comments: Mike has been "the" source for up-to-date research based therapy interventions and concept.  Mike is masterful at explaining very complex ideas that are immediately applicable to patient care in the clinic.  My patients have benefited greatly from Mike's contribution.  He is truly a leader in the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation.
Comments: best ever
Comments: Very informative website.   Information provided can be applied to the clinic.  
Congratulations, Mike Reinold!
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