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Severn, Maryland
I'm a Certified Outdoors Fitness Instructor (C.O.F.I.) for The Sergeant's Program: Military Style Fitness Training. I've been a trainer for the program for almost a year and started tracking our routines, recipes, opinions and random information that I saw as relevant and important to individuals who are looking to get into shape. These exercise routines are composed of military drills, plyometric exercises, high interval circuits, CrossFit style combinations with a twist and most... Full Bio
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83 People Voted for Chev for the PHBA 2008!

Comments: Congratulations.
Comments: Very dedicated person and wants to help those who need that extra push towards reaching their health and fitness goals.
Comments: Because you are sitting down too much, like now.... and Chev as the perfect workout for you ready!
Comments: Because he is great.

Well I beleive he should win because he gets great reviews, and is a Great Boot Camp Sergeant.

Comments: The reason why Shawn should win the award of Favorite Health Blogger is because, of his all around fitness knowledge that he's willing to share so others can meet their fitness desires and goals. I consider myself very active, and I've done the whole gym thing with shakes included, however when Shawn's blog was created, it was filled with a wealth of information on TOTAL body fitness that I was missing out on. Some of the workout routines he post are workouts that I have been done, but with an added twist pushes your muscles to the limit. Generally I was under the misconception that based on how everything looked on the outside gauged how the inside of my body was doing. In reading/studying/reviewing his blog I found out that the gym scene was no longer for me, and restructured my diet and workout routine based on the blog. So far this year I've ran a few 5Ks and a 10K which I never even considered doing during my "in the gym years." The material in the blog is well organized, easy to digest, which makes it even easier to put into action. I personally am not trying to win any Strong Man Competition, but I am trying to improve my overall fitness, health and well being so I rely on Shawn's blog for food ideas, a daily workout plan, and how to continue to challenge my body. 
Comments: He is the best trainer!  Very creative and full of energy!
Comments: Chev is an excellent instructor. He has motivated me to became a dedicated fitness participant. I have become more confident in myself and more comfortable with my body. I have also developed the will to attain all of my present and future fitness goals. 
Comments: He is getting my wife into shape.
Congratulations, Chev!
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