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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Father passed away with secondary liver cancer.   We dedicate our blog to keep father's positive energy available for all in need of support.   Join our team where we will do the same:   sharing our cancer stories so you know you are not alone walking the difficult road paved with cancer.    
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Comments: It would look great next to her Lemonade Award for  "blogging with the attitude of gratitude".

Again this is a person that is not listened to by the mainstream modern medicine.


If your gut feeling says that children get autistic after vaccination, then how many more  times we need to repeat this?


Because he is doing something right for more than 20 years!


 It's time his knowledge of his disease and how to cure it, gets an award, as it is priceless!

Comments: Because experience is queen!

Because she says:


Your thoughts become your actions;
your actions define who you are.  
And I see/say:


What you see in your mind, you will hold in your hands!

Comments: Because they promote Leading Healthy Lifestyles

Because without good nurses, father's life wouldn't have been as good as it was.


Big hug for Kathy and all other devoted nurses!!!!!

Comments: Because her recipes sound innovatingly delicious!
Comments: Because each patient that wants to help other patients deserve an award!
Comments: Because you should see her body now, and she shares how!
Comments: Because her blog is on topic with both research as every day life.
Comments: Because she rates all gluten free food she can find! It's a very original idea and a lot of work :-)

Because little known diseases should be given more recognition.


Like Vicky says: I would never have gone to see Celide Dion, but I got the tickets for free.


Same with her blog: I would never have gone there if it wasn't for being on wellsphere.


Imagine how many more people she can reach out to when she wins the award?

Comments: Because Carol knows that good health involves body, mind and soul!
Comments: Because "mental diseases" need all the exposure they can get!
Comments: Let's start: because of the name of her blog.

Because every creature on this planet deserves care, money should never be an issue in countries where the government cares for its voters!


Unless they think that life isn't priceless...


A few months ago, after a job change and a big pay cut, we had to make the tough decision of finding Sadie a caregiver that could afford her medical care. We could not afford the care she needed to keep her healthy and happy.


Hugs to Amy.