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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Father passed away with secondary liver cancer.   We dedicate our blog to keep father's positive energy available for all in need of support.   Join our team where we will do the same:   sharing our cancer stories so you know you are not alone walking the difficult road paved with cancer.    
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The more people that want to share their cancer stories...


will help more people to cope caring for cancer!

Comments: Because you can find out at Doc's blog that when you set your mindon something really hard, you will get it.
Comments: Because Laura knows what Multiple mitochondrial DNA deletions is all about.
Comments: Because food is the fuel of the body.
Comments: Because I totally support Jacqueline that a green environment will makes us all healthy again.
Comments: Because Ken illustrates clearly that our legs were made for walking in stead of sitting behind our desk.
Comments: Becasue Kate understands the power of the mind when it comes to your overall health and wealth.

Because Dr. Daisy shows us in her flu post that the food we eat is no longer supporting our health.


Because autism and depression needs more attention, thanks Beartwinsmom for doing exactly that first hand!


 And I can't even say it better than she does, so that's another reason she should win the award: 


"I write the truth and speak about my own experiences because I want others to know that they are not alone, and that it’s OK to ask for help."


Because you will get inspired by Serene's ambition and passion to do what she feels she has to do in this world.


Go and FEEL her blog!

Comments: Because you are sitting down too much, like now.... and Chev as the perfect workout for you ready!

Because Golightly shows how imprtant the little things in life are.


Quality of life can just boil down to being able to run up the stairs...

Comments: Because people like her that work at night to attend to emergencies should win a price anyhow.
Comments: Because if Rosy wins, we all win! And so should it be :-)
Comments: Because she dares to share what's going on in her mind, something we can't even say about most so called healthy people.
Comments: Because Gigi teaches you a lot about nutrition: which is - apart from the air we breath in - our most important health contributor.

Because the wisdom about health gets explained over and over again like:

"When you hurt during or after exercise and you keep doing it, you're just not that into you. "

If you want to become healthy, you better get completely into you!

Comments: Because this recipe looks overly easy and especially delicious!

Because she just said a crucial statement showing that patients should be listened to when they speak!


The first evidence doesn't come from what a patient says... Just imagine how meaningless a patient becomes if what he or she says is not taken seriously.


Many cancer patients get diagnosed long long time after the patient says "something is surely wrong with me" . Nobody listens seriously until 2 years later a humongous cancer gets detected.


You can imagine : things that aren't visible with the eye therefore are not there? 


Sounds ridiculous? Then read what thematrix777 found out:


People didn't believe these patients. This is the first proof that there is a biological underpinning for the condition.


In Wednesday's issue of the journal Neuron, researchers reported using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to look for the differences in the brains of 22 normal subjects and 22 subjects with a chronic pain condition called complex region pain syndrome.

The brains of chronic pain patients showed changes in the brain's white matter, the cable-like network of fibres that deliver messages between neurons.

"This is the first evidence of brain abnormality in these patients," said the study's lead investigator, Vania Apkarian, a professor of physiology at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.