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I am a very ambitious person. I have a die hard passion for doing epilepsy awareness work. I have lived with epilepsy almost all my life. Went through lots of hard knocks, rejections and bitterness. Whoa la...! My struggles had molded and transformed me from a weakling to a gutsy person with a... Full Bio
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Comments: My mum died of lung cancer and my dad died of colon cancer.  An aunt died of colon cancer that had spread throughout her entire body.  Another aunt of mine is still on oral cancer drug for her breast cancer. I am so glad to come across See Kim W's blog from wellsphere's voting campaign.  I have been visiting this blog frequently these few days.  I am very impressed with the aritcles, medical facts and the story sharing part in this blog.  Please vote for this blog.  I personally declare this blog as the No.1 Blog.
Comments: Her blog is full of encouragement.
Comments: Yours readers and their votes are the best testimonies of your outstanding blog.

I had helped voluntarily for 4 years to raise funds for our National Kidney Foundation. I felt great pain and sadness for kidney failure patients who had to go through dialysis to keep themselves alive.  Thank you so much for everything you had done in your blog.

God bless you always.

Comments: Keep Up The Good Work.
Comments: Congratulations.
Comments: Congratulations.
Comments: Congratulations.