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9 Jogglers Set a New Record

The Boulder Juggling Club wanted to do something that would get them into the record books so they did something fun.  They got a group...

Running does not cause knee problems

One of the most common questions I hear from people when they learn about how much I run is, “How are you knees?” The more “helpful” people...

Just Your Average Joggler Reboot

I’ve been writing the joggler website since 2006 and it is still a source of interest and amusement to me. I like to have a place to...

Chicago marathon joggling 2013

After 30+ marathons it gets harder and harder to put in the training necessary to set a personal record in marathons. At this point in my...

What do you do before a marathon?

The day before a marathon is always a day spent trying to calm your nerves. No matter how many of these marathons I’ve joggled, I still...

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