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My blog focuses on healthy living. Not only does it talk about natural beauty but what makes natural beauty too. Body is the first thing when comes to beauty and nurturing it from inside is more important than from the outside. So, I talk about both aspects in equal detail and give tips on how to... Full Bio
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Vellife Sugar Substitute Product Review

New Content from I have always been of the opinion that sugar substitutes never really work! Incidentally, last time I went to my...

Does your hair color reflect you?

New Content from Okay, I had wanted to keep this for the next instalment of My Hair Diary but it is too tempting to miss out so...

The Book Corner Vol. 1 – What I read all this year?

New Content from Last year, I did book reviews for almost all books I realized that I am not much adept at reviewing a book, its...

How to use Henna and Indigo to naturally darken brown Hair?

New Content from Since I hit my 30s, I’ve been noticing greys creeping up one by one. Maybe not 50 shades, but enough to be...

My Hair Diary – June 2015

New Content from Bahubali I know you might have read tons and tons about the movie by now but it is just too good to pass on...

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