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Percy K.

LINCOLN, Nebraska
Hi everyone. I am feeling good about this sight and what I can learn and possibly share or relate with others. I live alone now and in a small apt. where it is hard to do what I love like yardwork, gardening,mowing grass, having dogs, doing woodwork and stuff like that. So I do what I can with a few house plants. And then try to cater to the interests I can do indoors like painting and lots of other crafts I want to learn. I don't excercise much indoors but I do some yoga and meditation and... Full Bio
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Dec 13 2007 by Tamar F.
Welcome! I am Tamar, the new moderator of the Walking Community. Walking is the perfect thing if you don't have a gym, don't like a gym...or traditional sports don't appeal to you. I will be trying to post interesting walking articles, make helpful comments and point out cool walking opportunities. Also, YOU are important to the community and I look forward to your insights. We are hear for each other.


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