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YogaHouse !.

We are certified by the National Exercise and Trainers Association in Yoga and Pilates. Each of our instructors have over ten years of experience in fitness training and wellness coaching. We offer classes at several area gyms and also offer an in-home service. We are always looking to expand our staff with experience yogis, personal trainers, and nutritionists.


Summerville, South Carolina
The House of Healthy is dedicated to helping people understand the benefits of holistic nutrition and fitness to fuel their lives and live to the fullest. In our hectic culture, we often deplete ourselves of energy, tiring our body and mind. When we eat whole, nutritious foods and exercise for health, rather than just for physique, we can add energy to our systems and learn to feel good again....
Communities: Healthy Living

Donna D.

ISLAND FALLS, California
I have extensively studied and practiced yoga since 1985 and bee teaching it almost as long..opened a unique Yoga Retreat in my great grandfather's homestead Sewall House in Maine, which has a rich hisotry of hospitality and healing (expecially a young Theodore Roosevelt), I also love to write and teach. Many of my yoga articles can be found online. Sewall House is a bed and breakfast with...


Newnan, Georgia
I have been practicing on and off for 5 years but recently dedicated myself to a daily practice. I practice at home mainly with occasional Mysore Practice or a Vinyasa Flow class. I also enjoy studying yogic philosophy & texts. I have been blessed to practice with many amazing teachers. To date I consider my most influential teacher to be Stephanie Keach. Enjoy Vinyasa Flow...


West Virginia
I am a wellness manager for a company in Manhattan.  I have a BS in Health Arts.  I am also a registered nurse and CDE.  Pre-diabetes is my speciality. I love teaching  Pilates and yoga.  I was trained in Yogic Arts by Duncan Wong and Thai massage by Simon Parks.  I am a dedicated capoeirista.  I have a blue belt from Corpo e Movimento under...
Communities: Dance, Exercise, Swimming , ...

Shawn M.

sunnyvale, California
My yoga training began as a college student firstly with an interim course in Raja Yoga and followed by induction to meditation when I was 18 years old. I completed an advanced studies program at Piedmont Yoga studio and participated for two years under the tutelege of Rodney Yee, amongst others. I have also studied with other notable teachers in the Iyengar traditon, each for over a year at a...

Yoga D.

Washington, District of Columbia
Born around 1910 and abandoned to a band of roaming exiled bohemian intellectuals, opium addicts, Victorian harlots and other sordid hanger ons, YogaDawg began his Yoga journey by hearing drunken, debouched debates on the great Occult texts of the day. In the process of being immersed at an early age to these classics, along with the decadent literature and boogie-woogie of the time, YogaDawg...

Imogen H.

SUNNYVALE, California
At Stanford I'm the Associate Director of Student Housing for Operations. After hours, I'm a mom of four, wife, happy pet owner, and I'm still the Assoc. Director. I've worked at Stanford for approximately 8.5 years all in Student Housing. I'm very excited that the University is embracing wellness and I hope that I can contribute to making this program a success both for myself and for...

Nina G.

Berlin, New Jersey
Hi, my friends call me Bambi (old high school knickname). I live in New Jersey. I'm 28 year old, married to a man I have lived with for 10 years now. We have one son together on his way to turning 2 years old at the end of August. I love animals, so we always have dogs & many other small ones running the house, no matter what. I'm big on all crafts, sewing, cooking, woodwork, needlepoint,...

Catherine B.

I'm a 46-year-old mother of three teenagers, one out of the house. I'm a teacher, with a passion for running and being healthy. I also love weight lifting and yoga. I'm a vegetarian and am interested in meeting people that share my passions.