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Marion, Illinois
Since graduating college in May of 2008 I have worked a full time job.  For a whole year now I feel I have no motivation, strive or excitement in my life compared to when I was in college; now working a nine to five job my life has become seditary.  I sit at a desk all day and stare at a computer screen, needless to say my tummy has gotten wider and my arms flabber.  I know...

Rachel H.

Cambridge, United Kingdom
bookworm, geek, yoga teacher, yoga student, writer, reader, blogger, committed partner, cook, knitter, watercolour painter, list writer, cataloguer, bad speller, Fibromyalgia sufferer, woman with a crooked spine, feminist, meditator, swimmer, gym junkie, passionate organic foodie, short, skinny, tree hugger, tea drinker, lover of ridiculous shoes, crazy clothes and shiny things, grossly...
Communities: Yoga

Angie C.

Palo Alto, California
Likes tofu, konjac jelly, and berries. Recently took up yoga because you can buy cute new clothes for it.

Jenny R. Facebook

Los Angeles, California
 I find recipes, articles, tips, events & gear to make healthy living more simple, realistic, & fun. I share what I've learned and what I'm doing now to live healthier, smarter, & fuller. I'm determined I can be in shape without exercise taking over my life & determined I can feel great in my clothes [and without] and still eat carbs.
Communities: Exercise, Yoga

Tommy Douglas

Hi, my name is Tommy Douglas and for the last 7 years my home has been in Lebanon, Missouri with my wife Gloria, 2 dogs and a cat. I am 54 years old born June 30, 1958 and I have been yo-yo dieting for many years and sadly had a closet full clothes of many various sizes. Having had a heart attack at 49, then being diagnosed diabetic and spending too much time in the...


Meadville, Pennsylvania
I’m just a girl who wants to get healthy, find my happy weight, develop a great relationship with food, and love my body for what it is, and what it can do for me. This blog is about my quest to find balance between healthy eating, healthy exercising, healthy relationships, yummy food and my sanity. I love a lot of things. My family, my husband, my friends, my dog, a good book, a nice...


New York, New York
I am a fitness aficionado who believes that everyone has the ability to look and feel great. My health blog features a variety of home workout videos as well as nutrition and healthy lifestyle tips that everyone can incorporate in their daily lives. The home workout videos focus on with minimal use of gym equipment. The nutrition and healthy lifestyle tips cover topics ranging from...

Victor L.

Xiamen, China

Laurie P. Patient ExpertHealth Maven

Missoula, Montana
I am an active 44 year old from Missoula Montana. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 months ago and spent the winter recovering from bilateral mastectomy/oophorectomy surgeries and chemotherapy. I was able to continue running (albeit fewer miles) during chemo. I started doing yoga during chemo for the relaxation and conditioning benefits.

Nona J. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven

Rome, Italy
Nona Jordan is a Martha Beck trained mind-body coach and Kriplalu yoga and meditation instructor with over 7 years of experience working with students and clients to help heal stress and pain, while connecting to innate joy.   Mind-body coaching is a holistic, complimentary approach to health which provides an optimistic and purpose-driven lifestyle shift.  Far from viewing...
Communities: Mind-Body, Meditation, Yoga