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Midlothian, Texas
Yoga classes in Midlothian, Ovilla, Red Oak, Waxahachie, and Cedar Hill. Instruction at the high level of a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher( I have been teaching for a decade now at various gyms and studios. Let me help you on your path to wellness with yoga. to see a current class schedule and more info.
Communities: Tai Chi, Yoga


Los Angeles, California
Im a trained professional ,dancer,choroegrapher.I also am a holistic health coach I help people through living and raw foods,yoga(well my kind of yoga!!)yoga ballet fusion,reiki healing.My holistic journey started some years ago when I found myself in  yoga class taught by Jon Monks,his unique and progressive class got me hooked and I soon noticed a big difference in my body.The thing I...
Communities: Dance

clara c.

Before creating ChanChi~ art of Zen living, I spent 15 years as an executive recruiter and strategic management consultant in the Silicon Valley, working 15+ hours/day. ?Something had to change in my life. Although I found success in my career, I felt little satisfaction because I had no balance in my personal life.? I decided to retire from corporate life to follow my passion and dreams of...

Anne P.

STANFORD, California
Hi all, I'm a disability adviser at the Office of Accessible Education. I'm interested in health promotion activities and sustainability issues. My biggest personal health change this year has been to move to an area with access to public transportation. Since giving up my car I have lost weight, reduced my stress level, saved a bunch of money and made a few new commute buddies.

Teresa J.

I love yoga. Wednesday nights, you'll find me in yoga class, blissful and building my strength, balance, and focus. I have a lot of flexibility already but am adding to it. I (used to but since having baby 2 haven't been taking it) take Muay Thai kickboxing to tone up and add cardio to my exercise roster. I walk everywhere, not only because I can't drive (LOL) but because it's good (not...

Kim R.

STANFORD, California
Everyday I walk for an hour around campus. I have one walking partner. So on most days I listen to the radio and walk . I also do 45 minutes of Yoga everyday. On the weekends I attend two yoga classes. I really look forward to my walk and yoga.
Communities: Walking, Yoga

Christina R.

SAN MATEO, California
I'm married; mother of a college student; IT professional; and a part-time student. I enjoy singing, hiking/walking, reading fiction (esp'ly fantasy & sci fi), watching my son play football, travel, and occasional beading. I practice yoga and have been taking yoga classes pretty regularly for a few years, now. I love good food, including many different types of cuisine (variety IS...

Kellye R.

Austin, Texas
Happy to be living in South Austin, Texas. Working toward a healthier lifestyle. New to and passionate about yoga and fortunate to have amazing teachers.