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Deb .. Healthy Living Professional

San Francisco, California
Debra Flashenberg is the Director of the Prenatal Yoga Center in New York, NY. A graduate of the Boston Conservatory of Music with a degree in Musical Theater, she has spent most of her life performing and was introduced to yoga through a choreographer in 1997. After several years as a yoga student, she decided to continue her education and became certified as a Bikram Yoga instructor. In...
Communities: General Medicine

Elika A.

ATLANTA, California
Elika came to the path of yoga in 2000 by chance when she injured her back and was looking for physical relief. As a longtime dancer and fitness professional, she was amazed to find not only her body growing stronger, but her mental and spiritual connection deepening as a result of this practice. Elika is grateful for this period of rehabilitation because it allowed her to learn to be present...
Communities: Meditation

Sarah W.

Palo Alto, California
Professionally i am trained as an Iyengar Yoga teacher. I have been practicing yoga for 24 years and used to co-direct the 'California Yoga Center'. I started or built many of the early health club yoga programs and taught public group classes and private classes for many years. Currently i just teach private classes. I am also an animal behaviorist and own 'Piccadilly Pets'...
Communities: Walking, Hiking, Sports , ...

YogaLia Patient Expert

Los Angeles, California
Shanti-town is a blog about the practice of yoga and the exploits of YogaLia--actor, writer and avid yogi--as she explores the worlds of yoga in New York and Los Angeles. YogaLia met yoga in 2001, fell in love, but finally got serious in 2006. She then pledged her undying love and daily devotion to Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in NYC. She hopes to get her teacher-training someday, and is even...

Dr Gowthaman Facebook

Chennai, India
CEO- rVita Ayurveda Therapy and Yoga Centers (


Scottsdale, Arizona
Art reflects the culture and today's culture has proven its desire for things which soothe the mind, body and soul. Art can provide some sense of balance and beauty in an uncertain world. Spiritually minded individuals, as well as  hospitals, spas, yoga centers,  medical offices and corporations of all kinds are increasingly interested in displaying art that inspires health, peace...
Communities: Mind-Body

Heart Center Yoga

United States
Communities: Dance, Exercise, Pilates , ...

lovely rita

United States
Inspiring a mind-body approach to LIFE.YOGA.NUTRITION.HEALTH.TRANSFORMATION. It is my goal to discover brightness each day and share this light with the community which surrounds me. An adventurous and passionate person, Rita embraces life and has a positive influence on those around her. Often found climbing trees, playing outside, and creating fresh cuisine in the kitchen, Rita strives to...

Pascale K.

Pascale holds sacred the belief that divinity lies in every living creature, and strives to draw that out through gentle encouragement, clear language and a touch of sass. She finds true delight in helping others feed their bodies, feed their minds and feed their souls. Pascale offers not just instruction, but inspiration ? to learn and grow, express and feel heard, evolve. Her breadth of...
Communities: Yoga