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Ashburn, Virginia
I am a herpetologist and environmental scientist. I am currently in a state of extreme despair, but somehow manage to wake up every morning and go to work.  I've had two divorces-the first one was after a marriage of nearly 20 years. The second followed an act of violence wherein my 'husband' tried to strangle me.  I don't know why he didn't finish the deed, but something stopped...


monticello, Kentucky
married, mother of two, suffer from bi-polar disorder, ptsd, borderline personality disorder, severe anxiety, meds- topomax, efexxor, xanax, lamactical. been diagnosised for over 5 yrs. unable to work because of illnesses. Worked 25 yrs before diagnosis.Have tried lithium [went from 106 to 140 lbs in 4 wks] respideral, ambilfy, serequel, almost every medication out there. Nothing rids me of...

Sob H. Facebook

Pleasanton, California
Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin, Valium, Ambien, Halcion and other benzodiazepines are misused by approximately 4 million people or 2 % of the US population. More than one-third of people taking benzodiazepines for more than two months face benzodiazepine addiction. They account for almost one third of the emergency room visits in america and are involved in one-quarter of all suicide...
Communities: Alcoholism, Drug Addiction

Dawn Gifford aka Small Footprint Mama

San Diego, California
My name is Dawn and welcome to Small Footprint Family! As a new parent and longtime environmentalist, this blog is about my family’s adventures in learning to reduce our environmental impact, take good care of ourselves, and enjoy the simple pleasures in life so we can ensure an abundant, healthy future for all children. As a work-at-home mom, this blog is provides me with a...
Communities: Green Living, Allergies


Park Avenue Roseville, California
Im a graduate of Liberal Arts, workingmom, copywriter in an advertising company. Being a mom at the same time full time in work, it is so hard to divide my time to my family and my career. But it is for our son. Sometimes if I'm not too busy, I'm doing some freelance work like research paper writing.  PR: wait...  I: wait...  L: wait...  LD:...


Norfolk, Virginia
I'm excited when I got pregnant to my oldest son. I'm in paper writing services, If I have time to read articles or blog  online, I had to because I afraid for C-section delivery. I love to talk different mommies for  the tips, do's and dont's during pregnant.  PR: wait...  I: wait...  L: wait...  LD: wait...  I:...


Oakland, California
I'm a 30-something professional woman who's mother & brother were both diagnosed with Grade 3Astrocytoma tumors within about a week of each other. My mother's tumor is in her brain, and my brother's tumor is in his spinal cord, causing him to lose feeling in his arms & legs. These writings are about my experiences dealing with them, coping, loving them, loving myself, and living my...
Communities: Skiing, Hockey, Yoga , ...


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