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pembroke, Kentucky
i love tattoos if you dont i am sorry maybe dont be so closed minded on the same i dont like flash tattoos if you are going to have ink permanently dying your skin it is probly better if you do some research i met a girl who had the china symbol for "wolf" tattooed on her lower back i pulled my dictionary of consise chinese out and what that symbol actually ment was "to poke"...


Boca Raton, Florida


United States


newark, New Jersey


I'm looking for a job or disability-whichever I qualify for the most. Whenever I'm able to work, I want to get certified for tattooing and piercing. I'm a long-time Bulimic, but physically, I'm reasonably healthy. My biggest problems are prediabetes and a recent lung cancer scare that was just my COPD (both forms of it) getting worse, lung damage from too much smoking and bronchitis that won't...


United States

April G.

Cupertino, California
Things I love... Shopping, Tanning, Sleeping, Snowboarding, Being with my Girlies, Eating out, Flowers, Lip gloss, Cute puppies, 3 day weekends, Road trips, Smoothies, Flip flops, Lifted Trucks, Street bikes, Sunglasses, Famous Stars and Straps, Abercrombie, The color PINK, High heels, Jessica Simpson, Chips and Salsa, Tiffany's, bebe Sport, Working out, Dallas cowboys, Redline, Bottle water,...


NJ, South Carolina


quincy, Massachusetts
Hello, My name is Suzanne I am a newly single mom age 38 with an adorable son Mark who has Autism. Mark is 6 yrs old and is non-verbal. He goes to a private school for children with Autism. He is doing well. He also does Hippotherapy, which he loves. I am a phlebotomist in an ER in MA. My whole life has changed , I now do everything for Mark and try almost anything to help him with his needs. I...

Steve G.

new york, New York
Keeping the record of financial transactions is called bookkeeping.This transaction includes:purchases,sales,income,and payments by an individual or an organization.A bookkeeper usually performs the book keeping service.However,it’s not same with accounting.An account performs the process of accounting.The accountant generally makes reports from the recorded financial transactions that are...

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