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New York
I am 22 years old and I am living well and living with Lupus. CHRONICLYsILLy was started as a place to offer those of us in the chronically ill, and specifically, the Lupus community, a place to find hope, a positive outlook on living life with lupus and some good laughs. Through humor and wit, I educate people about Lupus and living with lupus, while putting a creative and humorous spin on...


I'm a fabulous single Mom with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. What makes me fabulous is you! For years, I was distraught over my illness and the things it subjects me too. But I've gained such a support system through friendships and blogging. I look forward to an encouraging interchange!
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TeamLupus ..

San Mateo, California
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Urbandale, Iowa
I started because I wanted other Lupus fighters to have the information I didn’t have when I was going through things for the first time. For instance, there are many websites that will tell you what a Complement Level test is, and what the normal ranges are, but none of them tell how it relates to Lupus. I used to search, and cross reference, and read books, and talk to...
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United States
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Warsaw, Poland
"No cure for Lupus"?? Wrong. The day I understood how much the pharma industry is manipulating our view on diseases, I instantly stopped believing anything which I did not test myself. There are actually people who prefer to sell you extremely expensive, life-threatening and NOT healing at all "medicaments", instead of letting you know that you CAN indeed stop Lupus...
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hi I am a 32 yr old that been suffering with lupus for many years now and struggled to get a diagnosed (diagnosed 3yrs) though I think once you have you try and stay hopeful but this last 18mnths have been hell!! :( ... I cannot believe way things have gone but trying to hang on in :).. 4 my son who although towers over me and is my protector so he likes to think!! I'm intrested...

me verse lupus

United States
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lupus with grace

United States
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TiffanyAndLupus Facebook

New York, New York
I'm a luscious lavender lupus butterfly spreading my wings to promote Lupus Awareness. Diagnosed in January 2010 with Lupus SLE.  I advocate for lupus non-stop! Currently writing for The @LupusMagazine & The @FightLikeAGirlC! As well as my own blog where I share my personal journey with lupus.